• Programme Overview



    PolyU Maker Fund Programme (the "Programme") aims to accelerate local hardware start-ups’ product development from ideas to production, leveraging the manufacturing capabilities of Shenzhen and other Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities.


    Compared with software/app development, hardware development requires much more time and capital resources, specific knowledge and skills on electronic and mechanical engineering, and industrial design, etc. It also involves a long iterative process from idea to a marketable product. Hardware start-ups, usually with limited resources and few orders, have been facing tremendous difficulties.


    In view of this, PolyU has tailor-made this Programme for Hong Kong young makers, by leveraging its own expertise and resources as well as partners’ network and through the support of the Youth Development Fund (YDF) (Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area) under the administration of Youth Development Commission of Home Affairs Bureau. (Please visit the website of 青創同行We Venturefor more details).

    PolyU Maker Fund Programme is managed by Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office (formerly known as Institute for Entrepreneurship) of PolyU, for more details about the entrepreneurship support and funding schemes offered by KTEO, please click here.



    • To support innovation and entrepreneurship endeavours of Hong Kong youth;
    • To facilitate and accelerate the idea-to-product process of Hong Kong young makers with seed funding and manufacturing capabilities in GBA cities (e.g. Shenzhen, Dongguan, etc.); and
    • To incubate and connect Hong Kong hardware start-ups with different resources in GBA cities (e.g. government resources, manufacturers, investors and accelerators matching).



    All Hong Kong youths (can be PolyU or non-PolyU members), with or without a concrete idea for a hardware/product, are welcome to apply for this Programme. Applicants can join as an individual or in a group, and an individual Applicant can choose to form a team with other applicant(s) during the Hardware Bootcamp. The Applicant MUST fulfil the following criteria:



    Basic requirements (as per YDF's requirements):

    • Aged between 18 and 40;
    • Holder of a valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card;
    • Applicants should have specific business plans/ideas in Hong Kong and/or Mainland GBA cities within one year or have been running their start-ups for not more than three years;
    • Applicants must not be subject to any bankruptcy orders or proceedings;
    • The proposed project should not have been under the support of the first round Entrepreneurship Matching Fund (EMF) under the Youth Development Fund (YDF);
    • The proposed project should not concurrently receive support from other NGOs under YDF’s sponsorship including but not limited to EMF and other entrepreneurial support and incubation services;
    • The proposed projects are not restricted to certain industries (businesses that are unlawful, illegal or involve tobacco, advocacy of gambling, obscenity, etc., will not be supported);
    • Funded youth start-ups should have business registration in Hong Kong and establish their businesses in Hong Kong and/or other GBA cities (such as the entrepreneurial bases therein);
    • If selected for funding, a start-up without business registration is subsequently required to register under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310); and
    • All partners or shareholders must be co-applicants and invariably comply with the above requirements if the business is registered as a partnership or limited company.


  • Application Deadline


    9 July 2021 (Fri) 1:00pm

  • Supported Start-ups


    3YE Smart Helmet Limited

    Project: Smart Helmet


    We are a Hong Kong young tech company, aiming in providing industrial grade professional helmets with the integration of sensor technologies, to achieve optimized site-work efficiency and safeguard operators’ life.


    Team Member(s):

    - Chan Chi Leung

    - Wong Hiu Lam

    - Lee Man Ho




    Supported Start-ups


    Demeter Tech Limited

    Project: Demeter


    Demeter is an entry-level pesticide concentration meter. This concentration meter does not need to damage the surface of the food material and requires no troublesome steps. Customers are only required to place our device in the kitchen zinc pan when they are washing the vegetables, the pesticide concentration in the water is detected through the chemical substance sensor by Demeter. When washing the vegetables, customers can know whether the vegetables prepared at that time meet the edible standards.


    Team Member(s):

    - Leung Cheuk Ming



    Supported Start-ups


    GABES Limited

    Project: Smart Building Emergency System


    We are a startup company that sells fire services products and provides emergency system implementation. Our main target is to facilitate building egress in case of emergency by the integration of our innovative products and high technology system. We aspire to provide an advanced building emergency system to societies, to keep abreast of the dynamic building development, so as to offer a safer living and working environment to our next generation.


    Team Member(s):

    - Wong Ho Yin

    - Leung Ka Kei




    Supported Start-ups


    Grand Blue Technology Limited

    Project: AQUA CULTIVER Smart IoT Aquaculture System


    Grand Blue Technology provides one-stop aquacultural technology transfer solution for indoor and outdoor fisheries. The solution contains features of real-time data monitoring, smart adjusting system which help traditional fishermen to achieve systematic production and reduce the workload of labor by technology.


    Team Member(s):

    - Ho Siu Lap

    - Lee Yuen Sing Sunny

    - Woo Wai Keung



    Supported Start-ups


    Kanon Manufacturing Company Limited

    Project: Sewer Vent Pipe Sterilizer


    We dedicate to provide the best sterilizing and health protection solution to worldwide businesses and residential consumers. The company focusing on developing and continuously progressing on the state-of-the-art sterilizing technology. Non-contact optical UV sterilizing technology increase reliability and reduce the need of maintenance.


    Team Member(s):

    - Chiu Chung Chi


    Supported Start-ups


    Loose Labs limited

    Project: Halo


    We set out to be a lifestyle product development company. Our current focus is the Halo project. With the first to market headboard cushion design, Halo uses light therapy to solve sleep problems caused by the modern lifestyle and the disruption of the circadian rhythm. It uses bright light of specific lux to simulate the wavelength of the sun and reset your biological clock. Halo can let you sleep one hour more every night.


    Team Member(s):

    - See Jun Hong

    Supported Start-ups


    PetdyBite Limited

    Project: PetdyBite


    We provide an one-stop health monitoring system to all the pet owner including a smart feeder for freeze-drying food and a mobile app which can help tracking the health of pet. Our goal is to safeguard and improve all the pet’s health.


    Team Member(s):

    - Siu Chak Lam

    - Pang Chin Wai Cherry

    - Lee Tsz Kin





    Supported Start-ups


    Pren Limited 

    Project: allcareAI


    The allcareAl team is committed to create a future in which everyone can use clean toilets without barriers. Currently, inpatients rely heavily on medical staff to go to the toilet. allcareAl is developing a series of robotic toilets to empower inpatients' self-care abilities, and to protect patient care workers from injuries and infections.


    Team Member(s):

    - Woo Pak Fai

    - Lee Lung Kong




    Supported Start-ups


    Robo Dynamix Limited

    Project: Robo Dynamix


    Robo Dynamix is a Hong Kong-based robotic technology venture that designs and develops automated robots as the solution to tackle problems faced by society. We are spearheading our first product - Robo Dynamix - a multi-functional and automated patrol robot for better property management. The function of Robo Dynamix includes autonomous navigation, computer vision inspection and indoor air quality monitoring.


    Team Member(s):

    - Lau Hiu Fung





    Supported Start-ups


    Stellar Everlution Limited

    Project: Milky Assistant  


    We focus to design a smart milk bottle base for the baby's parents. It can automatically record the amount and time of milk intake of baby. All information will be synchronized to the parents' mobile phones using IoT, so that parents can check the baby's feeding records at any time and place through mobile App.

    To accurately and remotely monitor baby’s feedings in smartphone, parents can observe the changes in the baby's feeding habits through the feeding history. Furthermore, it is also designed for caregivers’ collaboration to avoid missed feeding and multiple feeding.


    Team Member(s):

    - Wong Yik Wing

    - Tong Man Po

    - Ho Lok Yi

    - Yuen Wing Yan




    Supported Start-ups


    Stork Stork Design Limited

    Project: Joy to the Mask


    Stork Stork Design focuses on the research and development of reusable transparent face masks. A warm smile empowers us to move forward in the “new-norm” after the pandemic. With the unique functional patent, aesthetic and eco-friendly design of our masks, we hope frontline service providers can spread their smile again, and to allow the general public to enhance the social harmony.


    Team Member(s):

    - Yau Chit Kwan

    - Yiu Hoi Tak Angus





    Supported Start-ups


    Zoo Gears Limited

    Project: Pet Smart Music Synthesizer IoT Device


    Zoo Gears team is mainly working in the product development, production and distribution of smart pet IoT products. The team is now developing innovative products that allow dogs to cultivate concentration through playing music. We use technology and data analysis to enrich the lives of dogs and strengthen their connection with humans in different aspects. Hope that every dog owner can use technology and specially designed training products to explore different potential of pet abilities.


    Team Member(s):

    - Dean Chan




  • Incubation Support


    Seed Funding of HK$600,000


    With the support of the Youth Development Fund (YDF) (Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area) under the administration of the Youth Development Commission of Home Affairs Bureau, each shortlisted hardware start-up team in the Final Assessment will be eligible for fund support of HK$600,000 in total in a period of two years, disbursed by instalments throughout the 24-month funding period.




    Incubation Support


    Hardware Bootcamp


    It is a 3-day hackathon. Hackathon servers as an effective format to assess the potential of the participants. They are asked to come up with tech-enabled solutions towards real world problems. Team formation on the first day allows individual applicant to choose to form a team with other applicant(s).


    The design of the hackathon will allow assessors to evaluate elements such as:

    • Adaptability
    • Critical Thinking
    • Collaboration
    • Communication Skills
    • Leadership
    • Problem-solution Fit








    Incubation Support


    MVP & Market Validation Training


    The training is an intensive, six-day session, spread over three weekends. The objectives are:

    • Cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset for startup teams as they build their hardware ventures
    • Refine their venture through customer validation techniques, creating solutions supported by tangible prototypes, and developing viable business plans
    • Equip participants with pitch-ready skills and tolls in preparation for Demo Day

    The training in this workshop is highly interactive, with in-session exercises that will help teams apply new frameworks and skills to move their venture projects forward.






    **A Demo Day will follow upon the completion of training. The teams will present their proposals to the panel judges on Demo Day.

    Incubation Support


    PolyU Lean LaunchPad Programme (PolyU LLP)


    Modelled after similar programmes from the US National Science Foundation I-Corps and Lean LaunchPad Singapore, PolyU LLP Programme is a 10-week evidence-based journey that helps research and start-up teams uncover the market and application potential of their scientific research through rigorous market validation and guidance from experienced industry mentors.


    With the guidance of industry advisors and mentors, the participating teams will conduct extensive market research with stakeholders to gain necessary business knowledge and real market insights, as well as to discover the ways to commercialise their research technologies through this experiential learning programme


    Please visit the website of PolyU LLP for more details.


    Incubation Support


    Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs)


    PolyU has engaged mentors and entrepreneurs-in-residence who are experienced entrepreneurs, investors, industrialists and start-up coaches to provide one-to-one professional advice and guidance to start-ups.


    Please visit the website of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) for more details.


    Incubation Support


    Other Support


  • Latest News & Events


    Startup’sGuide: Navigating Contractual Matters
    (13 Apr 2023)


    As a startup, effective contractmanagement is crucial to the success of your business. Poorly managed contracts can lead to disputes, liabilities, and lost opportunities. In this workshop, the expert speaker shared the practical tips for drafting, executing anddealing with contracts and agreements, as well as managing liabilities for breach and resolving disputes.




    Startup’s Guide: Start yourBusiness in China
    (23 & 30 Mar 2023)


    To help startups get a comprehensive understanding of doing business in China, we invited experienced experts to talk about tax issues related to stock awards and share options, tax-efficient corporate structures for cross-border business between Hong Kong and Mainland China, and the company law of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the benefits for Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (WFOEs) setting up companies in PRC. Over 40 startup founders got valuable insights and practical guidance on navigating the complex regulatory environment and succeeding in the dynamic business environment in China.



    Startup's Guide: Pitching with Impact
    (9 Feb 2023)

    Pitching an idea is the only way for allstartups’ founder. Giving a perfect pitch can help you createtrustworthiness and memorable first impression. In this workshop, Donald Ma, Executive Consultant of Milestone Three Ltd, was invited to share the techniques on how to equip yourself with skills to articulate your main idea and concept clearly.




    Startup's Guide: Crowdfunding Strategy
    (19 Jan 2023)

    Crowdfundingis one of the most accessible ways of raising funds to bring a new product or design to life, but conducting a successful crowdfunding campaign can be a big undertaking. In this online workshop, we had invited Ms Heather Swift Hunt, Head of Design and Tech, Kickstarter and Mr Henri Pang, Strategic Representative & Advisor, The Greater China Region, Kickstarter to share some best practice tips to craft great crowdfunding campaigns and build an early adopter community. 




    Startup’s Guide: Fundraising Bootcamp
    (3 - 5 Nov  2022)

    A three-day Fundraising Bootcamp partnering PolyU KTEO with PwC has come to a successful conclusion. This year, over 100 PolyU students, staff and alumni participated, and the response was overwhelming.

    During the Bootcamp, the participants learned the basic knowledge of fundraising, negotiation skills with investors and what is a standard term sheet through the case studies and role-playing. Participants received a lot of valuable advice about how to raise funds for their start-ups in one-on-one consultations with PwC and Gobi Partners GBA / Beyond Ventures.




    Startup’s Guide: Risk Management & Corporate Governance

    (13 Aug 2022)

    Risk Management and Corporate Governance are critical for startups. In the upcoming workshop, we have invited Mr Timothy Ma, Chief Consultant, Ma Kam Wah & Co. to share how to manage business risks, and develop your own corporate governance.




    Startup’s Guide: IP Management
    (5 Jul 2022)

    Intellectual Property is often the most valuable asset of any startup. At the online workshop on 5 July, Mr Steven Fung, the Principal Patent Attorney of Real & Complex IP Services Limited has shared many tips and key considerations of IP filling which is very inspiring for our startups.




    Startup’s Guide: Accounting 101 & Financial Planning 
    ( 26 May and 23 Jun 2022)

    To strengthen start-ups' knowledge of Financial Management, two online workshops, Accounting 101 and Financial Planning were held on 26 May and 23 June respectively. Mr Alex So, Founder and Group Managing Partner of Fastlane Group, was invited to share the basic knowledge of accounting and financial planning, as well as tips for managing your financials.






    PolyU Lean Launchpad Programme 
    (12 Feb - 28 Apr 2022)

    A training programme on in-depth market validation and customer discovery process were offered to 12 awarded teams. The teams were required to interview potential customers to collect feedbacks and report to their mentors bi-weekly. The mentors provided guidance and invaluable advice to the teams.




    HKSTP iDM2 Training 
    (12 Feb - 31 Mar 2022)

    An intensive training in market analysis, market positioning, meeting accreditation criteria and IP application were provided to awarded teams. It helped them achieve commercial viability.




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